About the Kiski Area Youth Network482424_208214302692285_1625018404_n

KAYN exists to Connect Students to Christ, Church, and Community by helping them to:
*Discover a relationship with Christ and His Church
*Develop their gifts, habits, and character
*Deploy to serve and lead in their community

To achieve this we have developed a network of local churches and organizations. Over the past year your support has positioned KAYN to provide support to our students including:

  • A weekly evening program for students throughout the school year held at the local YMCA facility.
  • Helped us to take a group of students to New York City to learn how to minister to the needs of the homeless. Of course there was hands-on time spent on the streets applying what they learned.
  • Provided a “character coach” for several of the high school sports teams including football, basketball and softball. Also a monthly champions breakfast for all school athletes.
  • Sponsored an assembly for all high school students this spring through Jon Pritikin and “Feel the Power”. Jon uses feats of strength and story to help kids understand the negative impacts of bullying and the need to accept all kids for who they are.

We are also excited to announce the purchase of a building in Vandergrift to be used as our KAYN Youth Center.  We were able to obtain this facility at a very low cost in the perfect central location to the Kiski Area School District.  Once renovated, we will hold our various student programs from this location.  KAYN also plans to host the “5th Quarter” program this fall in the youth center.  This after home football game event provides hundreds of students with a safe and fun environment to gather after the game.

Of course the renovations come with a cost.  We have two phases planned at $55,000 each for a total cost of $110,000.  We already have $20,000 dedicated towards this effort with a target of completing phase 1 by this coming school year.  With your help and support we can make that a reality!

Our Board of Directors:

  • President – Duane Prusia, Parent
  • Vice President – Brian Fisher, Parent
  • Treasurer – Andy Evans
  • Secretary – Bethany Pounds, Kiski Alumna
  • Vicki Prusia, Parent
  • Paul Musser, Parent
  • Frank Collins, Parent
  • JoAnn Wesolosky, Parent and Teacher

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Executive Director

KAYN is currently in a search process for an interim director for the 2016 / 2017 school year.  Unfortunately our current executive director needed to resign to address some personal and family issues.  Please contact one of our board members if you have any questions.